March 7, 2022

Jennie Loveitt, Frazer Fox

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Young starlet Jennie Loveitt gets used and pleasured by hardcore guy Frazer Fox. Frazer is well known for getting rough with his whores and Jennie is no exception, getting some really wicked pleasure from the accomplished porn star. This fellow strips her off, revealing a cute body with pert titties, before he rams his penis down her throat and face bonks her. This man makes her lie on her front, reaching back to hold on to her heels, helpless while this man pounds her mouth. Then this man bends her over doggy and goes straight to rectal hole, ramming his hard member straight up her butt and making her squeal in shock and pain. After a serious rectal gaping this man creams in her mouth.

February 23, 2022

Brooke Ballentyne, Julian

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Charming young college floozy sweetheart Brooke Ballentyne never knew what she was getting herself in for when this woman started teasing fella Julian! This honey lifts up her blouse to reveal her pert natural milk shakes, and before she knows it Julian is on top of her, his hand rammed between her thighs as he finger bangs her beaver. Brooke gets group-fucked in the mouth and then the slit, and then this woman gets the fright of her life as Julian pulls her down anally on top of his meatstick! It’s the first time she’s ever been fucked in the asshole and it hurts a bit – but it makes her feel so deliciously full! Julian lets go right inside her crack, and then this chap cleans off his cock in her mouth.

February 12, 2022

Ashley Blue, Kitty, Kato Kalin, Trent Tesoro

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Little Oriental gal Kitty teams up with petite white woman Ashley Blue for an incredible trio fuck with tattooed man Trent Tesoro. Trent totally disciplines these two young models, who almost look too young to be pounding on camera! However, in typical fashion, both of those little tramps give their all, with Ashley taking an especially sexy assfucking pumping in reverse cowgirl. Even when the meatstick slips out, Kitty quickly sticks it back into her girlfriend’s rump hole, and the divas implore Trent to keep up his steady booty pumping. This guy cums right inside Ashley’s ass hole and then sinful Kitty gobbles the cock juice out of her ring piece.

January 31, 2022

Drew Allen, Brian Surewood

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Drew Allen has been taking the bus her whole school career, and she has always had a crush on the driver. He’s a little coarse and a little rough around the edges, but his command of all the other students has always grabbed her as hawt and sexy, so when she sees him driving down her street on a weekend she has his stop for a minute. He’s just about to take the bus in for service but has some time to chat and when this hottie comes onto his bus and says she’ll ride with him anywhere, this man gets the impression he is about to get some barely legal action.

January 20, 2022

Ashley Blue, Chuck Martino

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Chuck came over to Ashley Blue’s dorm to tutor her on some homework this woman was working on. He got there so early this babe was still in bed and this babe made it very clear from the start that she wanted wang, not help on her homework. This chick started taking off her pajamas then she leaned over and started blowing his giant shlong. This honey got him as hard as her math quiz then he licked her fuckhole and slid his pecker into her cooche and started pumping her. This honey came on his shaft, the pulled him out and put him in her firm backdoor so he could ream her backside then he gave her a hawt load in her mouth.

January 8, 2022

Alaura Eden, Jay Ashley, Marc Cummings, Mr. Pete, Otto Bauer

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Football practice isn’t going so well, so the coach feels the team needs a little more motivation. Luckily, sexy cheerleader Alaura Eden happens to be watching the play, so this chap tells her to come to the locker room after class. At the post game pep talk, the team is shocked when Alaura struts into the all-male locker room, teasing them with her hot body; and even more shocked when the coach tears off her lingerie, shoving her towards the stunned players and telling ’em to have their way with her. They do not hesitate to strip off and shove their shafts in her direction, and this chick takes on all comers like a true champion.

December 28, 2021

Claire Bandit, Steve Holmes

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In this gritty reboot of the Teachers Pet series Steve Holmes and Claire Bandit really bring things back to the original tone of number one. It is always been about brown nosers doing everything they can to get an A, and here we have the perfect combo for a pornado. A brown noser after that luscious A on her record and a teacher ready to absolutely overstep himself and get his pecker sucked by a student. It is just the right recipe for an excellent climax and a cute girl’s decent into true depravity. A real pet.

December 16, 2021

Dominique Dane, Alec Metro

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Alec Metro met Dominique Dane in a club late one night and when they got back to her place there was no waiting for micro talk, no bothering with any kind of chit chat, all that really mattered was getting laid and that’s all he did was make his move. This man came onto her like this hottie was his prize. This chap mounted her like a great stag and showed her who would be the dominant one that evening. This sweetheart took him with grace and poise and never once flinched when he got close to finishing, and eventually loosed his seed.

December 5, 2021

Brittney Alexander, Johnny Thrust

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Johnny Thrust is getting his bang on with a nice young bitch that wants a massive shaft. She’s just started her new job at a funeral home and he’s there to work a few things out for a family member. When he sees her though he doesn’t care about anything but trying to get his own version of celebrating life going, with her as the main attraction. They go up to the front of one of the rooms this chick set up and after a little coaxing she falls to her knees and starts blowing his dick right in front of a coffin.

November 23, 2021

Saphire Rae, Alec Metro, Mr. Pete

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Saphire Rae is the type of starlet who is always going to stand out in a crowd, because she has a rather unusual look. This sweetheart is also about as cute as can be, knowing that she is going to be overwhelming 2 dickheads with her sex appeal. Mr. Pete and Alec Metro knows that she is going to be driving ’em wild, so they’re going to take her on at the same time in order to try to gain the upper hand. These studs are going to get her going priceless in a MMF trio, leaving her moaning and whimpering as she takes on inch after inch of meatstick.

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