October 31, 2021

Victoria Paradice, Ralph Long

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Victoria Paradice gets called into her principal’s office for wearing inappropriate clothes…again! This bleach-blond coed is a hardcore one! Dressed in fishnets with no underwear on and tattoos on her nubile body, it doesn’t take long for principal Ralph Long to pop a boner and exploit this hot piece of ass! He unbuttons her plaid schoolgirl skirt and tears apart her fishnet stockings and caresses the outside of Victoria’s tender fuckhole with the tip of his meatstick. Then, without warning, he plunges his ramrod inside her, pumping her hard in doggy-style before exploding hot goo in her face like a pervy geyser!

October 20, 2021

Mila Blaze, Will Powers

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Nasty coed, Mila Blaze steals the car keys right out of her step-dad’s pocket! Just as she is about to get away with it, Will wakes up and sees her playful backside walking away with his keys dangling out of one of her pockets. Will decides that a valuable spanking is in order, so this dude lays this hot little leggy legal age teenager on his lap and starts slapping her perfectly toned, round rump and starts getting a stiff-booty boner! Mila immediately notices and shoots her hand under his shorts and pets his dong. With a wicked look, she unzips his panties and sucks his log and licking his nuts. Then, this woman climbs on his lap and pounds the shiz outta her young fuckhole!

October 8, 2021

Kiara Knight

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Jamie Stone spots the cutest little blond legal age teenager and she’s standing next to her broken down car! What a consummate opportunity to chat her up! Kiara Knight looks stunning in her pink miniskirt that perfectly hugs her tight little backside and shows off her perfect coed legs. She’s happy to accept a ride from Jamie and starts stroking his shaft as soon as this sweetheart jumps in his ride! This dude quickly brings this sexually excited college whore coed home and watches her suck him off! Then, this hottie drops her worthy pink thongs and gently lowers her diminutive muff on his hefty shlong and starts riding him hard and fast in doggy-style! Jamie can feel his manhood probing against her g-spot!

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