May 23, 2021

Aurora Snow, Alex Rox, Jay Ashley, Marc Cummings

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2 excited students discover a peephole into the babes’ changing shed and are perving at nubile Aurora Snow one day when one of them has the bright idea of turning it into a gloryhole. Aurora is not impressed, grabbing his shlong and pulling, screaming in horror. The 3some end up in the coaches office for mediation. Much to Aurora’s surprise, this fella tells her to get on her knees and suck both the lucky boys! The coach joins in and a wild gangbang ensues, with all 3 guys taking turns pounding their dickheads into both of young Aurora’s tender and delicate holes and finally draining their balls all over her gorgeous face.

May 12, 2021

Ashley Long, Steve Holmes

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Ashley Long has been struggling in history. This chick can’t remember any dates that aren’t the ones she is going on with the chaps in her class. This hottie loves to make out and bang, but this hottie can’t stand reading, especially not about a bunch of old dead fellas that no one really cares about anymore. So Steve Holmes works out a deal with her. Since all this chick really requires to learn about is banging and how to bang better, he’ll teach her that after class and give her a passing grade in the class this babe doesn’t care about.

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