September 24, 2020

Terri Hendrixs, Herschel Savage

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Terri Hendrixs has had the strangest day. This woman just got off work as a babysitter and this sweetheart was fucking her boyfriend on the job there. The owner of the house caught ’em though and rather than fire her she just fucked ’em both. It was intense, but this hottie also refused to give her a ride home and kept her boyfriend for herself for the night. So Terri was looking for a ride and Herschel Savage happened to be the guy to pick her up. Lamenting her problems and telling him about them this man says this mate knows a way to get back at ’em.

September 12, 2020

Aurora Snow, Mickey G.

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Aurora Snow is one of the hottest rice cookers this side of the paddy and she is not even asian. She’s so sexy that the rice almost pops like popcorn when she is around it. So when she makes it to the large town and has to discover her way around there are all kinds of chaps looking to get a slice of her pie and Mickey G. is the one that is going to take her home and make her his whore. Once there this woman drops to her knees in thanks and these thanks start to get kind of sloppy and slobbery all over his heavy penis.

September 1, 2020

Kitty Marie, Marty Romano

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After asking for a ride on the back of his bike, this pigtailed girl gets suckered into sucking his hard dick — but don’t be fooled, she can not live without every minute of it and you can tell.

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