January 20, 2019

Ciera Sage, Craig Moore

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Big Titted young college chick Ciera Sage is pounding adorable as she poses on her rumpled bed in her delicate cheerleading uniform. She teasingly removes her clothes piece by piece, and every time this sweetheart smiles you get a marvelous flash of her braces. Things get xxx as she’s joined on the bed by football stud Craig Moore, whose oversize shlong is pointing to the ceiling after Ciera’s erotic teasing. This woman manages to wrap her mouth around his pole and to suck him worthwhile without get his knob caught on her braces. Then Craig takes over, pushing Ciera flat on her back, holding her slim legs apart by the ankles and plowing her innocent, tender pink beaver.

January 9, 2019

Lea Stevenson, Marc Cummings

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Marc Cummings has been after this model Lea Stevenson ever since she came of age. This guy requires to get the chance to fuck her in way’s she is never been gangbanged before and if he’s going to get that kind of chance he needs to prove to her that he’s worth her time. So today he is hit the gym and gone to the barber. He’s in tip top shape for his age and she’s actually giving him the time of day for once. So if that’s what it takes, he’ll keep it up just so this guy can get with her to keep play a game of keep it up.

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