May 12, 2021

Ashley Long, Steve Holmes

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Ashley Long has been struggling in history. This chick can’t remember any dates that aren’t the ones she is going on with the chaps in her class. This hottie loves to make out and bang, but this hottie can’t stand reading, especially not about a bunch of old dead fellas that no one really cares about anymore. So Steve Holmes works out a deal with her. Since all this chick really requires to learn about is banging and how to bang better, he’ll teach her that after class and give her a passing grade in the class this babe doesn’t care about.

April 30, 2021

Leah Luv, Trevor Slide

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Trevor Slide has a bit of a problem. He’s got a crush on the hawt 18 year old next door. That wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t seem to have the same feelings for him. This dude could just ignore her if she would stop coming over and hitting on him. Leah Luv doesn’t actually care about him though, this chick just likes to watch him squirm and happens to know he is dynamite between the sheets. She is looking forward to going away to college but it is precious having a married man that can not help himself to your body back home.

April 19, 2021

Holly Wellin, Trent Tesoro

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Holly Wellin is going to be hanging out at her place when she gives Trent Tesoro the go ahead to wander over for some fun times. He’s going to pounce on her right away, letting his hands do the talking as he grabs and gropes at her. She gives him a hand job and takes on that totally stiff manhood, knowing that she is going to be losing her mind as she takes on that pounding. Her muff is beyond stretched once this honey takes a good and hard fucking that leaves her moaning, groaning, and cumming harder and faster by the minute.

April 7, 2021

Nadia Styles, Alex Sanders

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Nadia Styles does not really need much to be baited in to bed. All it really takes is the fact that Alex Sanders is buttnaked, hard, and wanting to plunge that dong right in her booty. This babe loves the way that it stretches her out, although this hottie isn’t going to be walking right for some time afterward. She has the sweetest smile on her face after this chap gets done with her ass and he is going to be working her for his own pleasure, taking her over until this fella has the chance to burst with all of his mighty jizz to coat her.

March 27, 2021

Summer Love, Brett Rockman

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Summer Love is such a innocent coed with diminutive love bubbles and she’s always getting the love bubbles to come around. Of cuz, there’s one stud that requires to take her for a more intense ride, and that is Brett Rockman. He is pushing her down on the couch and running his hands all over her body, letting himself explore her as this mate has her bound down. Of cuz, he needs to let her up if she’s going to suck his cock, so this dude loosens the bonds a little bit and this chick starts to writhe and moan under him. This dude continues his domination, taking any hole that he damn well pleases from her.

March 15, 2021

Austin O’Riley, Jasmine Lynn, Mr. Pete

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Jasmine Lynn and Austin O’Riley are the type of lesbians that you want to have around…because they do end up being okay with shaft from time to time. Today they’re getting tied together for Mr. Pete’s pleasure, and they know that they’re going to end up being used every which way this chap requires. He eventually unties ’em so he can start with the pumping, knowing that these cuties are going to end up stretched beyond belief, moaning, and whimpering all the while. They cannot resist the fucking orgasms that soon come.

March 4, 2021

Maggie Star, Knob Nasty, Mark Wood

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Maggie Star has this jumbo test coming up. It is all about math that she never understood in the first place, but this honey struck a deal with the teacher to let her pass through it if she’d fuck him once in a while. This honey knows that this exam will mean giant things for her, coz he said the kind of test changes how he’s going to bang her, so to prepare she is brought Ding-dong Naughty and Mark Wood over so she can be willing for whatever the teacher might have in mind or in store. This honey even tests out her new kilt to see if it’s a hit.

February 20, 2021

Demi Marx, Alex Sanders

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Demi Marx is just newly single and legal too. She wants to get with a dude that knows how to fuck since her ex was pounding useless in that department. She is going to find someone to not only fuck her long and hard but that doesn’t mind showing up to her formal to show her off on his arm and be her own version of eye candy. Alex Sanders is the stud for the job, and she’s done herself up in some worthy nylons and a garter that she thinks makes her look a little more aged and fuckable. Alex agrees.

February 9, 2021

Victoria Spencer, Jay Ashley, Trent Tesoro

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Victoria loves her cocks to come in twos. She slobs all over this cock and gets it deep down her throat. This honey gets fingered from behind by Jay while this chick is still going down on Trent. Her cooche gets eaten and this babe loves how fine and wet her cooter is getting. She takes both manhoods down her throat a bit more and soon one of those boy-friends is fucking her while she sucks the other. The positions change, but she’s constantly being pounded by one meatstick and blowing another. Soon this honey is getting a double whammy to her rump and snatch. she gets down on her knees and gets a double spunk flow to her face.

January 28, 2021

Genesis Skye, Johnny Thrust

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Nasty Genesis is a 18 year old school senior who is just about to graduate. This sweetheart attended a career day class where she confided to everyone that she wanted to be a prostitute when this honey graduated. The principal called her in his office to question her about it and make sure that this babe knew what this sweetheart was doing in making her decision. Plus this chap wanted to find out if Genesis had the right skills for the job. So this mate tries her out by having her suck his wang. She eagerly gets on her knees and swallows him all the way down. Then Genesis is bent over the desk and poked doggy style and is fucked well until he empties his balls on her face.

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