July 31, 2021

Claudia Adkins, Mickey G.

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Pretty brunette college babe Claudia Adkins is in deep shit with her professor Mickey G. However, she knows that this sweetheart has got a few tricks up her sleeve to get herself out of trouble! At first Mickey doesn’t look too impressed as this sweetheart flaunts herself in front of him, leaning provocatively over his desk and touching her billibongs against his arm. However, even this mature fellow can’t resist the allure of a consummate body young woman, and soon this fella has his manhood out and stuck halfway down Claudia’s throat. She gets screwed in multiple positions including some intense butthole in piledriver and in doggy over the desk. That’s gonna hurt!

July 20, 2021

Ally Brooks, Eric John

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Adorable schoolgirl, Ally Brooks is about to fail outta school unless she can convince her teacher otherwise! This chap barely gets a word out edgewise when Ally brazenly lifts up her crop top and flashes her coed boobies. After petting his obviously erect dong in his panties, guidance counselor, Eric John can no longer resist his sexual urges and yanks off her bootie shorts and laps up her vag like a parched pup. Then, this man takes his long-butt dickhead and shoves it nonchalantly up Ally’s super-firm wet crack and almost breaks his own fuckin’ desk from the hard banging he is dishing out! He completely covers coed Ally in an obscene shower of ejaculate!

July 8, 2021

Sabrina Jade, Joel Lawrence, Rick Masters

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When this honey walks in to the boys’ locker room, gorgeous brunette legal age teenager Sabrina Jade tries to pass it off as an accident. However, it is totally deliberate – she knows that this hottie can get some decent knob in there! Mates Joel Lawrence and Rick Masters are more than insane to take a ride, pulling the diva down onto her knees and sticking their pricks into her wide open and slippery mouth. She gets screwed by both guys hard and fast, and they fill her firm little fuckhole to breaking point with their throbbing fellow meat. Sabrina loves it, especially when they slap her ass and roughly squeeze her mangos. She wants to get owned by those dominant studs!

June 27, 2021

Angel Long, Billy Glide

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Ashley Long is certainly going to be one of the most popular sorority doxies around, mostly because she’s a total hottie and this chick doesn’t care who knows. She is meeting up with Billy Glide while the rest of the frat boys are gone, getting plenty of swallow out for the occasion. This wicked blond college whore brings out a great pair of boobs along with a body that you only see on an 18 year old, and she is locking lips with him right away. Before long she’s riding his pecker, enjoying the thick length of it as it pounds away at her sweet beaver.

June 15, 2021

Noname Jane, Dave Pounder

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Smutty sorority doxy Noname Jane is as wicked as they ejaculate! This sweetheart is walking along thinking how much she wants to get fucked, and lucky for her she runs into 2 fraternity hunks. The dudes take her back to their dorm room, and soon the nubile blond is buttnaked and sucking on their large tools. She takes an extremely rough banging in her neatly trimmed muff and her butt hole, with the chaps double penetrating her for most of the movie scene. By the end of the flick, this chick is upside down with her asshole stuck up in the air, and the guys sperm in both her cooter and her butt. This little cumslut is absolutely drenched with their filth – and this woman loves it!

June 4, 2021

Lea De Mae, Chris Dano

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Some college strumpets just get in the habit of pumping their way through classes, and when you are as hawt as Lea De Mae why not do it that way? After all she’s got all the studs sniffing after her, so she might as well take full advantage of this skill in order to keep getting A’s in her classes. Plus she has a pair of mangos that any professor is going to latch onto, so it’s not very hard for Lea to start seducing her way through her Freshman classes. She is pounding him right in his office, riding his manhood while he’s sitting in his office chair.

May 23, 2021

Aurora Snow, Alex Rox, Jay Ashley, Marc Cummings

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2 excited students discover a peephole into the babes’ changing shed and are perving at nubile Aurora Snow one day when one of them has the bright idea of turning it into a gloryhole. Aurora is not impressed, grabbing his shlong and pulling, screaming in horror. The 3some end up in the coaches office for mediation. Much to Aurora’s surprise, this fella tells her to get on her knees and suck both the lucky boys! The coach joins in and a wild gangbang ensues, with all 3 guys taking turns pounding their dickheads into both of young Aurora’s tender and delicate holes and finally draining their balls all over her gorgeous face.

May 12, 2021

Ashley Long, Steve Holmes

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Ashley Long has been struggling in history. This chick can’t remember any dates that aren’t the ones she is going on with the chaps in her class. This hottie loves to make out and bang, but this hottie can’t stand reading, especially not about a bunch of old dead fellas that no one really cares about anymore. So Steve Holmes works out a deal with her. Since all this chick really requires to learn about is banging and how to bang better, he’ll teach her that after class and give her a passing grade in the class this babe doesn’t care about.

April 30, 2021

Leah Luv, Trevor Slide

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Trevor Slide has a bit of a problem. He’s got a crush on the hawt 18 year old next door. That wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t seem to have the same feelings for him. This dude could just ignore her if she would stop coming over and hitting on him. Leah Luv doesn’t actually care about him though, this chick just likes to watch him squirm and happens to know he is dynamite between the sheets. She is looking forward to going away to college but it is precious having a married man that can not help himself to your body back home.

April 19, 2021

Holly Wellin, Trent Tesoro

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Holly Wellin is going to be hanging out at her place when she gives Trent Tesoro the go ahead to wander over for some fun times. He’s going to pounce on her right away, letting his hands do the talking as he grabs and gropes at her. She gives him a hand job and takes on that totally stiff manhood, knowing that she is going to be losing her mind as she takes on that pounding. Her muff is beyond stretched once this honey takes a good and hard fucking that leaves her moaning, groaning, and cumming harder and faster by the minute.

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