December 5, 2021

Brittney Alexander, Johnny Thrust

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Johnny Thrust is getting his bang on with a nice young bitch that wants a massive shaft. She’s just started her new job at a funeral home and he’s there to work a few things out for a family member. When he sees her though he doesn’t care about anything but trying to get his own version of celebrating life going, with her as the main attraction. They go up to the front of one of the rooms this chick set up and after a little coaxing she falls to her knees and starts blowing his dick right in front of a coffin.

November 23, 2021

Saphire Rae, Alec Metro, Mr. Pete

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Saphire Rae is the type of starlet who is always going to stand out in a crowd, because she has a rather unusual look. This sweetheart is also about as cute as can be, knowing that she is going to be overwhelming 2 dickheads with her sex appeal. Mr. Pete and Alec Metro knows that she is going to be driving ’em wild, so they’re going to take her on at the same time in order to try to gain the upper hand. These studs are going to get her going priceless in a MMF trio, leaving her moaning and whimpering as she takes on inch after inch of meatstick.

November 12, 2021

Gabi Paltrova, Mike Hunt

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It must be hard being a horny legal age teenager like Gabriella Patrova. Not five feet away from her bedroom are the sounds of her step-dad plugging away at her mom.. Young Gabriella can not resist the erotic moaning and starts playing with herself in her bedroom. Then, her step-dad walks in unexpectedly and sees what his naughty step-daughter is up to! This stud can not resist her hot underwear and young, nubile body and she can’t resist mouthing on his shaft! After getting her step-daddy hard as pounding rock, she excitedly mounts him and sinks her fuckhole deep down on his fuckstick until she’s completely filled with hard weiner. That coed slot proves way too firm!

October 31, 2021

Victoria Paradice, Ralph Long

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Victoria Paradice gets called into her principal’s office for wearing inappropriate clothes…again! This bleach-blond coed is a hardcore one! Dressed in fishnets with no underwear on and tattoos on her nubile body, it doesn’t take long for principal Ralph Long to pop a boner and exploit this hot piece of ass! He unbuttons her plaid schoolgirl skirt and tears apart her fishnet stockings and caresses the outside of Victoria’s tender fuckhole with the tip of his meatstick. Then, without warning, he plunges his ramrod inside her, pumping her hard in doggy-style before exploding hot goo in her face like a pervy geyser!

October 20, 2021

Mila Blaze, Will Powers

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Nasty coed, Mila Blaze steals the car keys right out of her step-dad’s pocket! Just as she is about to get away with it, Will wakes up and sees her playful backside walking away with his keys dangling out of one of her pockets. Will decides that a valuable spanking is in order, so this dude lays this hot little leggy legal age teenager on his lap and starts slapping her perfectly toned, round rump and starts getting a stiff-booty boner! Mila immediately notices and shoots her hand under his shorts and pets his dong. With a wicked look, she unzips his panties and sucks his log and licking his nuts. Then, this woman climbs on his lap and pounds the shiz outta her young fuckhole!

October 8, 2021

Kiara Knight

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Jamie Stone spots the cutest little blond legal age teenager and she’s standing next to her broken down car! What a consummate opportunity to chat her up! Kiara Knight looks stunning in her pink miniskirt that perfectly hugs her tight little backside and shows off her perfect coed legs. She’s happy to accept a ride from Jamie and starts stroking his shaft as soon as this sweetheart jumps in his ride! This dude quickly brings this sexually excited college whore coed home and watches her suck him off! Then, this hottie drops her worthy pink thongs and gently lowers her diminutive muff on his hefty shlong and starts riding him hard and fast in doggy-style! Jamie can feel his manhood probing against her g-spot!

September 27, 2021

Darcie Belle, Jerry

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Doting step-dad, Jerry doesn’t mind getting up, close and personal with his adorable blond step-daughter, Darcie Bell and who could blame him – she’s a glamorous petite coed! Darcie is about to hit up the pool so she gets Jerry to rub her soft back with some coconut oil. Then, to Jerry’s shock, Darcie unhooks her bra and Jerry starts fondling her playful perky breasts until those hot gumdrop mambos are completely shimmering. After tongue-banging her young pink vagina, this man delicately pushes his big, obese pecker inside of this nano coed! After a couple minutes of struggling, this guy penetrates Darcie balls deep and bangs the living hell outta her!

September 15, 2021

Julie Van Saint, Lee Stone

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We are greeted by Julie a sexy blond with very little on who is obviously sexually excited because she almost immediately starts touching herself and playing with her scoops. This chick is soon joined by a guy who starts eating her out. This honey then starts sucking his ramrod while this guy fingers her backside. He soon starts pounding her hard as this hottie fingers herself. She then gives him another blow job and this man starts pumping her again while she fingers herself. They alternate between banging and blow jobs, sometimes her riding his hard long shaft, sometimes him on top. They finally finish off by him jerking off in front of her face and blowing his goo in her mouth.

September 4, 2021

Keeani Lei, Johnny Thrust

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Like many Oriental pornos, this one starts out fairly odd, although it soon turns out about as hot as it could possibly be. Keeani Lei is one beautiful Oriental centerfold, and I never get tired of seeing her no matter what this babe is doing in the porno. Today this honey is giving one oversize knob the best blowjob that Johnny Thrust has ever gotten, although there is an odd part in the beginning where he puts on a devil mask that almost makes her cry. I don’t know what the fuck is up with that, but I do know that she likes getting pounded by his dickhead.

August 23, 2021

Pebbles, Sabrina Jade, Brett Rockman, Brian Surewood, Scott Lyons, TJ Cummings

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Pebbles and Sabrina Jade are rather lascivious college starlets who are in the mood for a bang fest and a half, and they’re quite happy to be of help to these frat boys. They’re intense and fun loving, making sure that they get worthy and sexually excited before they start sucking off Brian Surewood, Scott Lyons, and TJ Cummings. There’s no stopping these womans once they get started, they’ll just keep mouthing and sucking until they get their fill of manhood. Then they’ll make sure that they cum precious and hard in hard core climax.

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